I was born in Göteborg, the second city in Sweden. So I am originally a "city" guy, but I spent all my summers and holidays with my grandparents at their farm, and I loved it. There was always something for me to do. It was a place were I discovered o great love for animals and plants. I guess whatever creativity I have today ,originates from this time in life....

As a teen-ager I did a lot of travelling. I did hitch-hike all over Europe, and lived in Spain for a year in different periods. I was really into dancing and crafts at this time and did a lot of leatherwork for living (Spain is known for its traditions in leather crafts and I picked up a few tricks from great guys there) I did mix the handcraft with jazz dance, yoga and spending time together with people of the same kind. A great time....

My son Isak was born when I was 20 years old , and my daughter Frida 2 years later. At this time we lived close to a knife factory and I was in a traditional "woodwork" education for 1 year. The guy who owned the knife factory showed me his collection, and from that day I have been a knife-nut...

Working Guy

It was really inspiring to see all these knives and it gave me an idea of what was possible in terms of knifemaking... The year after we bought a small farm in the north of Sweden, to be able to live in the countryside . This was a real interesting time and a great challenge for us. We started up making cheese from the milk of 40 goats combined with a vegetable plantation. We did most of the work with our hands and with help from our horse for farming the land. It was very primitive in many ways.... the first years we didn’t even have a pump for the water, we had to go to the well for it with a bucket..... It feels like a long time ago..... I think this experience was very healthy for a young man being born in the rich part of the world!

Farming was after that my main profession for 18 years. When I stopped farming in 1995 I was a joint owner of one of the largest ecological farms in northern Europe. The biodynamic farming was my first inspiration, and the desire to develop the ecological idea never left me. At that time I had been a part time knife maker for 15 years. I had spent every spare hour in the workshop as I couldn’t stop myself from making knives...........

In the beginning I made lappish-style knives. But as I have never followed any rules and have always done things my own way, I soon developed my own style and way of making knives. Some of my inspiration comes from the materials I use. Some have an interesting shape, beautiful colours or an interesting history. I use a lot of fossil materials that can be up to 50000 years old. Occasionally I manage to get hold of an artefact that has been a fishing tool or a firestarter made of fossil walrus ivory from Alaska, and that is always a precious happening to me. I just love to transform these historical items into something - at least in my opinion - that gives these materials a descent future... as a knife handle... for instance...

Forging is also a joy. In the beginning I bought all my blades, but in 1995 Conny Persson taught me the basics in Damascus forging. I persuaded Conny to take me in to his workshop a several times to be able to practise forging. It was a great break-through for me, to be able to shape the blades as I wanted them.

Me and Conny have become very close friends. We have made collaborative knives sometimes. Conny is the most skilled Damascus smith I know and a perfectionist. I work more from the "gut", so the two of us today makes a good combination when we do collaboration works.

- I must confess that I also am a great fan of the Art Nouveau style that was a big thing in design around 1900. It is based upon floral and organic shapes and forms. I guess that this mutual interest of design and art helps, when I do collaboration knives with my son Isak , now 31 years old. Isak is greatly skilled when it comes to carving ivory and designing handles. A great joy for me to be able to work with him!! The 4 years he spent in different art schools was really well spent time.... Today he is working with 3-D computer animation.
My wife, SaraMi Liljeholm, is a goldsmith and of course we also do collaborate works. We are very fond of making jewelery of the wonderful combination - damascus and gold! Mainly she makes wedding bands and pendants. In 2002 we moved to Dalkarlså, 40km north of Umeå in the very north of sweden. ( I guess the altitude is about the same as Anchorage alaska). - It was a hectic summer, restoring the house, that was in a terrible shape. The old cowshed is now transformed into a nice workshop for both of us. ...Well this is a long long story dressed in a few words... It maybe helps to understand why my knives look like they do....... Welcome to the web site! Roger Bergh


2010 I will atten the Milan knife sow in november

and Boston Art Knife Classic in october

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If I have any knives for sale on display, you may order this by sending me an e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I also take orders for new knives, but  I need my artistic freedom to be creative.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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