My aim is to create timeless and unique designs, beyond trends and fashion.

Damascus and Gold or Silver Jewellery

I have mainly sold custom made items, but I am now in a process of change to increase my artistic freedom and creativity. I am working on new designs and hope to have a larger variety of jewellery for display on the site.

Silver and Gold Jewellery

I have also created jewellery with the same look as the Damascus jewellery, but consisting only of precious metals. I have made the original of deep etched Damascus and silver. Then the jewel is cast into pure sterling silver or pure 18k gold.


When I work with custom-knives it´s moastly in collaboration with my husband Roger Bergh.

My Background

I grew up in the beautiful High Coast Area in Sweden. This area has attracted a lot of artists and it was a very inspiring environment for me. I decided very early that I wanted to work with something creative.

After studying the art of goldsmithing for four years, at Swedens oldest school of the craft, I received my journeyman’s certificate at “Blå Hallen”, Stockholm Town Hall. I spent three years in Stockholm, working for Claes E Giertta who is a well known designer of contemporary silver work, and for his successor Rolf Karlsson. I practiced both jewellery-making and design.

I now live in the countryside in the north of Sweden together with my husband and our daughter Maya. We have turned the old cow-shed into a great workshop. Roger was the one who introduced me to the world of Damascus-steel in 1995. Its beauty and the technique fascinated me from the first moment, and it still does.



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